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Hair transplant & Hair loss treatment


Over the past decade, I have been receiving so much love from patients while treating numerous hairline transplants, crown transplants, eyebrow transplants, sideburn transplants, and alopecia transplants, as well as circular alopecia, general hair loss, scalp psoriasis, and scalp psoriasis. We will always repay you with the latest and best treatment.

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Hair transplant


Incision and non-incision hair transplantation possible

Female hairline correction, male M-shaped correction, crown transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, sideburn transplantation, alopecia, burns and scars are transplanted using PRP, DNA, and stem cell methods by selecting incision and non-incision methods.


All in One System

Lee Sang-wook, CEO of Mori Clinic  We are operating an All-in-One system that performs 100% directly. In other words, we promise to perform the entire process of anesthesia, design, implantation, and post-transplant treatment.

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Mori's treatment

검은 색 바탕에 백색 잡음

hair loss treatment


  • Alopecia Areata

  • General Hair Loss

  • Postpartum Hair Loss

Based on the experience of performing hair loss treatment and hair transplantation for over 10 years, we have researched only hair.

검은 색 바탕에 백색 잡음

dermatitis treatment



  • Seborrheic Dermatitis

  • Atopy Treatment

  • Allergodermia

There are cases where it comes with scalp abnormalities and folliculitis due to inflammation, and there are cases where the pattern of hair loss looks like circular hair loss.

Steroid-free treatment

Steroids reduce the autoimmune response and relieve symptoms. However, as side effects of steroids themselves, repeated recurrences, skin inflammation, worsening of skin inflammation, thinning of the skin, high blood pressure, diabetes, and hormone abnormalities may occur during long-term use.

Youtube video


To help patients understand, we regularly produce and provide videos about hair transplantation and hair loss treatment.


Quick Photo Conslutation


Quickly check your hair transplant and hair loss status by uploading photos

Clinic location


Room 301, SK Hub Building, 431, Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul , KOREA

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