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Wondershare Quiz Creator 4.1.0 Crack




  But the software comes with a lot of unexpected features. Steps to Use QuizCreator. 1. Make a copy of the file as (The file is called “quizCreator.txt” inside the compressed folder.) 2. Open the file named, which contains three files:, questions_editor.exe, and questions_json.json. 3. Open the file named “quizCreator.txt” with a text editor. It contains all information of the quiz that you are about to create. 4. Drag the “questions_json.json” file to the “” file. 5. Run the file named “questions_editor.exe” to open the questions. ![]( Click on any question and it will appear in the text editor. You can rename the question by right clicking on it and selecting “Rename”. You can also delete a question by right clicking on it and selecting “Delete”. 6. Click on “Start quiz” at the top-right corner of the “Questions Editor” window. You will get a screen that shows a random image. Fill in the quiz title and question body. Then click on “Add question” and add the question to the quiz. Fill out the entire quiz and then click on “Start quiz”. ![](



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Wondershare Quiz Creator 4.1.0 Crack

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