Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant


The crisp and dense eyebrows and the curvy eyebrows can be a decisive factor in making your first impression look different. Mori eyebrow transplantation to match your face type, eyebrow design to match your image and feel the change.

In particular, eyebrow transplantation requires careful and detailed procedures from the design process, and after surgery, you can have a high degree of satisfaction without any distinction from natural eyebrows. Feel it.

Objects and Effects
  • When eyebrows are thinning

  • If the length of eyebrows is short

  • If your eyebrows look awkward

  • Eyebrows are missing or missing due to scars or scars

  • If you do not like to use makeup tools or make semi-permanent makeup

Semi-permanent vs Eyebrow transplant


  • Have no sense of abundance

  • Hold time is short

  • It's unnatural at first.

  • Over time, it becomes tender.

  • When it decolorizes, it does not decolorize evenly.

  • To change your eyebrow design again, you have to eliminate the original design with a laser.

Eyebrow transplant

  • natural

  • It is permanent.

  • Design as you want

  • You do not have to design additional laser

  • The colors are evenly distributed.

  • It can be corrected again by the angle and direction of the hair.

5 No system

  • 5 No system

  • Almost no pain during surgery, after surgery

  • Do not use any propol

  • Real-time check of oxygen saturation

  • Almost no occipital scar in both incision and non-incision

  • Both incision and non-incision principles (no occlusion of the occipital lobe)

  • "Today, tomorrow after the transplant!"

  • No swelling or two days

No pain

No swelling

No scar

No propofol

No shave

All in One System

Mori Clinic is operating the All in One system, in which CEO Lee Sang-wook is 100% direct. We promise to take care of all the procedures after anesthesia, design, transplantation, and transplantation.





Scalp diagnosis and basic examination


Hair growth rate test


Blood test


Hair tissue heavy metal test


Cell membrane permeability test


Saliva/hormone test


Muscle type examination


Active oxygen test


Life function / lifestyle test

Systematic 9 step inspection system

Perform the minimum necessary tests during the essential tests (blood test, hair growth rate test, hair heavy metal test) and optional tests. Mori Clinic offers a systematic review of the scalp, as well as blood, hormones, and active oxygen, to provide effective treatment for each patient. So if you do have any side effects or recurrences, and you do not have a way to treat it anymore,  you can quickly get treatment if you have missed out on the treatment. And even if treatment did not get good results, Mori Clinic can reduce the worry about it because the partial transplant can completely restore the hair loss site to its previous state.

How to collect

FUSS(Follicular Unit Strip Surgery)

절개 일러스트(눈썹).jpg
  • We use the so-called scar-free suture method so that the incisional scar is not left through the double suture.

  • Remove the scalp cleanly as needed from the occiput.

In this case

  • Those who have good elasticity of the back of the head

  • A person with a high density of the occipital area

  • Those who do not have worries about scars

  • Those who do not have anxiety about the incision

  • If you want a short operation time

FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction)

비절개 일러스트(눈썹).jpg
  • (Option) After local anesthesia and hemostasis treatment, we collect hair follicles one by one through Mori's non-incision punches.

In this case

  • The non-incision method is

  • Those who lack the elasticity of the larynx to incise

  • If you do not have time to relax

  • The hair of the back of the head is not dense

  • If you are worried about scars

  • Anxious about incision

  • If you want a quick recovery

The Mori Hairline Calibration Center selects the transplant method (incision / non-incision / shave / no shave) based on the objective scalp hair condition results through THL Test.

Method of transplantation

Platelet-rich plasma

PRP transplantation

  • Use the latest high-end centrifuges

  • Use the latest high-end PRP KIT.

  • High spawning rate

  • Less Swelling

  • Recovery is fast.

  • There is little damage.

  • Platelets and growth factors are collected at high concentration.

※ One of the blood syringes is collected, and the special kit is inserted, and centrifugation is used to separate and extract growth factor platelets. This method is used for transplantation.


Deoxyribonucleic acid

DNA transplantation

  • Excellence in cell division ability

  • Nucleic acid, growth factor, cell factor, etc.

  • The rate of engraftment is higher than that of PRP.

  • It is faster than PRP transplantation.

  • Less swelling than PRP implants

  • Almost no scalp damage.

  • After surgery, you can return to daily life immediately.

※ It is called nucleic acid transplantation, and it is a method to concentrate the substance composed of the nucleic acid component in the cell nucleus and use it in transplantation


Stem Cell

Stem cell


  • Stem cell transplantation

  • Stem cell extraction from spinal cord

  • There is no pain in the extraction process.

  • No need to remove seams

  • The engraftment rate after stem cell hair transplantation may be over 100%.

  • (If more than 2 plants can come out once planted)

  • Have the best hanging rate

  • No scalp damage at all


  • There is no swelling the most.

※ The stem cells (stem cells in the body of the transplant) using the method of DNA transplantation is better than the transplantation rate and scalp recovery. Also, the possibility of unnecessary immune reaction or inflammatory reaction is rare by using own stem cells. In particular, stem cells used after culturing (pamicel) are expensive, but when manufactured through a national testing laboratory, they are safe and injected into the human body, which can lead to anti-aging, hypertension, diabetes, liver function improvement, skin improvement, Fatigue and so on.


Stem Cell Transplantation

  • Bone marrow is collected with a syringe through fine holes in the periosteum of the pelvis.

  • Progression to minimal anesthesia, no pain, no need for suture

  • The collected bone marrow was cultured in PHARMICELL, the world's first stem cell therapy drug development company, for 2 to 4 weeks, and then used for hair transplantation and blood injection.

  • The efficiency of blood injection (effective on tack, skin improvement, whitening, elasticity, anti-aging, chronic fatigue, diabetes, kidney disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension)

Mori's follicle protection system

Safety harvesting

To avoid damage to the hair follicles, every individual takes hair follicles into account, the angle of the different hair follicles.

Cold storage of hair follicles

By storing the hair follicles in a low-temperature environment of 4 degrees Celsius and a special preservative solution instead of physiological saline, the hair follicles are protected from the metabolism of hair follicles.

Double follicle detection method

Double-check the collected hair follicles with a high-magnification and low-magnification microscope to revitalize the hair follicles and their associated organs.


When the hair follicles are transplanted into the scalp, the hair is transferred to the original hair with an angle, so that the depth of the hair follicle can be stabilized to be different from the existing hair.

Mori DNA growth factor

It supplies growth factors and hexane to the hair follicle to help stabilize hair follicles.

Use filter syringe


Glass particles/rubber powder (size 10 ~ 70㎛), which is generated when the injectable ampoule is opened or when piercing the rubber of the vial, is injected into the body using a filter syringe equipped with a 5㎛ filter ).


It completely removes foreign matter (glass powder, rubber powder, etc.) and relieves the pain of the patient by using a new needle which does not damage the needlepoint on the blood vessel.





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