Hair Loss Treatment

Postpartum Alopecia
What is Postpartum Alopecia?

It is caused by birth, menopause, excessive diet, excessive contraceptive pill. Unlike male pattern hair loss, the hairline remains unchanged. In the modern age, the number of women in their 20s and 30s has increased rapidly, and this trend is increasing rapidly.

Causes of Postpartum Alopecia

Hormone imbalance

It manifests itself in menopausal or irregular periods of the menstrual cycle, and male hormones are dominant due to abnormalities in the secretion of female hormones.

Imbalance of nutrient intake

Irregular meals, unreasonable diets, and ingestion of instant foods result in an imbalance of nutrients, and subsequent changes in hormones and changes in metabolism lead to hair loss.

Do not take minoxidil

Minoxidil is a hair removal product that can be used by both men and women. It was originally used as a vasodilator and has been used as a depilation drug because it has the effect of inhibiting hair loss as blood vessels expand. Currently, there is no technology developed to cure hair loss, so you should continue to use hair loss drugs if you take them. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not take it because it may be delivered to your child.

Do steroid - free treatment.

Steroids are the principle of relieving symptoms by dropping the autoimmune response. However, the side effects of steroids themselves can cause recurring recurrence, skin inflammation, aggravation of skin inflammation, skin thinning, hypertension during long-term use, diabetes, and hormonal abnormalities.

Excessive steroid treatment can melt hair follicles

Excessive steroid therapy can cause hair follicles to melt, causing scalp depression, folliculitis, permanent hair loss, and recurrent round hair loss. Our Mori Clinic never uses steroids.



Scalp diagnosis and basic examination

Hair growth rate test

Blood test

Hair tissue heavy metal test

Cell membrane permeability test

Saliva/hormone test

Muscle type examination

Active oxygen test

Life function / lifestyle test

Systematic 9 step inspection system

Mandatory and optional tests are available to provide the right test for the patient. Based on the cause of the test, we will do immunotherapy and nutritional therapy.

Immunotherapy and nutritional therapy are needed.

Based on the results of the THL Test, Mori Clinic improves patient satisfaction by eliminating underlying causes by combining immunotherapy and nutritional therapy to restore the patient's health


Among the factors causing general hair loss include abnormal immune factors. Therefore, by turning the abnormal immunity to normal immunity through vaccination, it induces treatment of fundamental general hair loss.

Nutrition therapy

Along with DNA nucleic acid and growth factor treatment, patients with general hair loss have a lot of nutritional imbalance when examined through hair testing in addition to excessive stress. You can restore your damaged hair follicles with your nutritional treatments, synergy with immunotherapy and laser treatment.





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