• Hair transplantation re-operation clinic opened


  • Clinic for intractable hair loss! 

  • Oct. Established the Hair Removal Science Research Institute on Moriclinic (Seven Lema)

  • Nov, Soongsil University Biotechnology Laboratory & Joint Research of Dima Puretek Ultra High Voltage Research Institute in Korea


  • Presented at the East-West Medical Collaboration Medical Association with the Advanced Biomedical Technology and Clinical Data Society [2008. Spring / Fall Conference]

  • Feb. Established Cell Examination Center in Moriclinic (Seven Lema) Technical Cooperation of Easybaul Health Examination Center

  • Apr. Participated in customer service and active overseas activities through medical management service support center

  • Jul. Naver Hair Removal Specialist Café Unemployed Student Study

  • MOU signed with Good Morning Shinhan Securities in October 

  • November Appointment of the patient to be selected for free of charge for the child in need


  • January Opened an anti aging specialty clinic

  • e-ZERADO (Welfare specialist company) Low-income workers free hair transplantation support

  • March Kookmin Bank's Love Movement Local Government Selection Rural Unmarried Male Free Hair Transplant Surgery [Hankook Ilbo]

  • Imaban (hair loss specialty cafe) Free re-operation support for hair transplant failure 

  • July Support for free hair transplantation free surgery for wounded foreign workers [participated in Hyundai SKY Broadcasting Company]


  • April FCB Twelve Stem Cell Bone Marrow Banking Designation Center

  • Aug Moriya Hospital (Seven Lehma) Foreign Patient Attracting Hospital "Certificate of Foreign Patient Registration" (Aug. 22, 2010)

  • Oct. Signed MOU with ITF Hair Specialist Association [Hair transplantation certified hospital]

  • November Bangladesh Hair Transplant Medical Volunteering and Advanced Medical Technology Seminar 

  • December - Participated in the "Awakening Campaign" for "Cancer Transplantation and Hair Loss Treatment" lecture in China (Qingdao) - Participated in " Awakening Campaign" for Pediatric Cancer Patients - Participated in Hope Sharing Campaign for Pediatric Cancer Patients in Hanyang University


  • Jan ITF 'International scalp hair specialized forum' lecture [Subject: Clinical presentation of hair transplantation and hair loss treatment]

  • Feb Established Mori Clinic (Seven Rema) Institute of Medical Science

  • March IST "International Scalp Hair Association" MOU [Scalp Day Designation: monthly low-income patients free hair loss treatment support]

  • April Support for free hair loss treatment for family members sponsored by the skittles guild

  • May (May) Police Firefighting Federation Support Association Free hair transplantation support for injuries caused by disasters and burns

  • Aug. - "HAIR KOREA 2011" Support free DNA hair transplant surgery for low-income patients

  • -Mori Clinic (Seven Lemar) Number Series Stem Cell Shampoo Launched [International Hair Loss Exhibition] Participation

  • September (MOU) signed with Dalian University Medical School

  • Oct Signed MOU with Cho Yong-jin's facial research center. Joint research on hairline hair transplant design

  • November Presentation of "3D-Hairline Design" at the founding general meeting of the Korean Society of Hair Loss Association [The Korean Contents Society]

  • December A Study on Symptoms of Hair Loss Patients [Korean Medical Information Society]


  • Jan HIR (Healthcare Research Information) "Analysis of Relationship between Main Symptoms of Hair Loss Patients and Hair Loss"

  • March - Taipei (Hair Restoration Society) Medical Society Invited Lecture

  • - Seminar for primary care clinic in Korea


  • May Presentation of Taiwan Hair Transplant Society request paper

  • Oct, Taiwanese anti-aging research presentation paper


  • March Visit to doctors in Taiwan

  • May American doctor eyebrow transplantation education

  • Aug. Representative Director of the 119th National Assembly Fire Prevention Education Hearing


  • Hi living Professional Counseling





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