Introduction of CEO


Mori Clinic understands the worries of patients

We always worry about hair loss all the time and seek the best, and latest treatment.

We pursue the ultimate treatment that does not harm the body and does not recur on the scalp.

Liberation of hair loss, and the pursuit of

liberation day scalp!

Mori Clinic President


This is Dr.Lee

Over the past decade, I've been loved from patients with hair line transplantation, parietal transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, frozen graft transplantation, asymptomatic transplantation, round hair loss, general hair loss, scalpitis, scalp psoriasis. I will walk to the goal of completing hair loss treatment and scalp treatment without looking to left and right.

I will return with the latest, the best treatment. Thank you.

  • Present)  President of Korea Alopecia Association

  • Present)Professor, Hanyang University

  • Present) Member of Korean Society of Hair Transplantation

  • Present) Member of International Society of Hair Transplantation

  • Present) Member of non-incision hair transplantation study society

  • Present) Naver - Haidak skin, hair loss consultant

  • Present) Member of International Society of Skin Care

  • Present) Member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

  • Present) Member of PRP Research Society of Korea

  • Present) a member of the Korean Society of Clinical Neurology

  • Present) Member of American ACAM Society

  • Prefecture) Director, Policy Committee for Lifestyle-related diseases in Korea

  • Former) Academic Director of Korea Integrated Medical Research Society

  • Currently, Korean Society of Stem Cell Therapy

  • Present) Completion of the first professional course of Pharmicell stem cell

Stem cell Pharmicell cooperative
certificate for stem cell therapy
ITF hair transplantation designated
attracting foreign patients
Yonsei University Severance Hospital
Outpatient Professor at Hanyang
Korea Clinical HomeopathyAssociation
Naver Hair Transplant Hair Removal
International Society of Hair
Hanyang University Cooperative
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